Suggestion: Please display first appropriate hint in 'Native Language'


I try learn one ‘not know’/new word and move on it mouse… I see the appropriate Chine/Japan/Korea… signs :)… it’s not a hint for me!.. some times it’s better and I show word I know in hint… but it’s not perfect solution for beginner as I.

For me as totally beginner in this system first should be display appropriate hints in my native language, second hints by popular ranking.

Of course my native language is Polish, it’s not supported language in but I think person as I is a lot on Lingq’s… it’s only suggestion.

Best Regards
Marcin Przysowa

Hi Marcin,

Thank you for your suggestions, as always :slight_smile:
The reason hints show up in other languages is that these hints were all created by other members. We are looking at ways to improve this.
By the way, if you have any suggestions it would be best to post them here:
This will allow us to more easily respond to your questions. Thanks!

Yeah, I had a similar problem at first when I had set Dutch as my interface language here at Lingq. There were often no hints in Dutch for many words and so I had to create a hint each time.

I switched my interface language to English and then the problem disappeared as there are more hints present in English which makes the process of Lingqing faster and more convenient.

Of course, I have no problem using Lingq to learn a language from English, but the next Dutch user who might prefer to use a Dutch interface with translations into Dutch will face the same problem.

Since I’m not creating any Dutch hints, I won’t be helping the situation improve so perhaps instant hints could be offered in a language not based on user suggestions, but rather some other source.

It’s not a huge deal, but since I lingq a lot, I find having to create my own hints after checking a dictionary translation slows me down and makes the site slightly less convenient to use.

We’ve had a request for this quite recently on our getsatisfaction page:

We do like this idea and currently have it under consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hmm, Alex - I prefer post on Forum because I cannot use a credentials to login into
Yes, I know that used a lot of authorization method… but it’s not for me.

Come back to suggestion on and in this post… For me adding a Google Translate (English > Any) to add new Hints and display current hints firstly by native language should be a perfect symbiosis of them together :D.

Best Regards
Marcin Przysowa

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for posting on getsatisfaction as well! We are interested in using getsatisfaction with regard to suggestions and requests as it provides a much nicer and more organized interface than the forum does. Often the forum will have several threads on the same topic, so with getsatisfaction we can organize these opinions more effectively and also allow users to actively see which improvements are being considered or planned or what has already been implemented.

Maybe it’s a bad place to speak about but Where I find a URL to on Nothing I can find in 2min a time…!

Even in Help module on “Still have questions? Try these other help resources.” box you haven’t a link to it!.
Everybody who use a have a 3th link on the top to Forum… and not found anything about… directly on!

Of course I remenber that first register e-mail’s have URL to it, it’s only this a official information about
Please create a little more links to it.

Best Regards
Marcin (SiB) Przysowa

Hi Marcin,

We have only recently resumed using getsatisfaction so we want to see how well it will suit our needs. Once we decide it is the best place to direct people with suggestions and requests, etc. we can look into adding some direct links to it. For now, we will continue to post on the forum about it and hope that people continue to use it :slight_smile:

Oops, that was me.

By the way, we’re glad that you have so many ideas. While we cannot promise to implement any suggestions you make, it does help us better understand what users want.

Hmm, you welcome :). It’s natural of processing… going to roadmap I hope :). I’m a person from IT… then I understand this.

My new suggestion I will be put on Bye-bye

I should like to speak out against an automatic mother tongue hint. There are some people here who do not want the hint to be in their mother tongue. Wouldn’t it mean that we would have to reset our mother tongue every five minutes according to the language in which we want to see the first hint?

The point is that user suggestions often don’'t appear if you’re studying a language from a minority language, meaning you have to create a new hint very often.

Using google translate to supply an instant hint would solve this problem and ideally you’d be able to choose which language you’d want google to translate into automatically in terms of hints.

But I don’t how easy or hard it is to make that work in terms of software programming.

Hello all,
I create this post because I don’t know any from supported languages, I know my Polish only. I still learn English and when I add new +NewHint I must check it on or

I am a foreign person :). Haw do it this option and Did he doing it - I don’t know, I just put suggestion.

My idea of this like as two parts:

  1. Add new dictionary from English to All in adding new hint
  2. sort existed hint by mother/native language as option or selected language.
    When native language hint doesn’t exist then display by popularly content.

Sorry for my grammar errors.