Suggestion: Playlist for PC/ Irritation: iPad playlist not recording updating listening

Hi Guys,

I’ve really being enjoying the system. I have a suggestion. I like to listen to podcasts/language files whilst I work. I would love to have the ability to create playlists on the web, like I do in the apps. That way I could set them to go in the morning and enjoy a full day of exposure without worrying about having to keep shifting lessons. Atm I’m setting up the playlists on my phone or ipad and plugging into that. It’s a little annoying.

The other thing is my iPad doesn’t seem to be updating lessons as having been listened too when they are in the play list. It is a pain to have to go back and press +1 on every single lesson for listening.

As said loving the system as a whole, these are just a few minor gripes.


Hi Brad,

That’s a good suggestion and there really isn’t a way of doing this on the site. All I can suggest is downloading the files to your computer and playing them as a playlist that way in iTunes or something similar. You would have to input your listening time manually but iTunes has the advantage of tracking your listening so you can easily do this at the end of the day.

Otherwise, you will have to resort to using the apps. We will look into the issue you mentioned on the iPad and try to get that fixed in the next update.

Thanks Mark,

From a playlist perspective on the site maybe not, but from a purely technical perspective you already have (what I assume is) a js hook triggering an update details on the playing of audio. LIngQ could add an autoplay series/course option to a Course as opposed to a playlist. That would also be very useful to me. simply flick it on and let the lessons run their course. For instance something like radialistas that has 300+ lessons, that would be useful. I know I still have to go back and add LingQs but it would save me a step. Given that you already display the next available lesson, it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m a web developer and know the cringe that just happened when I said “not too hard”, but I meant well within the realms of achievable possibility without a major overhaul of architecture. I’ll even happily throw in my time for free if you have link on a svn of some variety. As said, enjoying the site and would love to see it even better.


Thanks for the suggestion and offer Brad! I have forwarded it to our tech team and am waiting to hear back on the likelihood of doing something like this. Also, the possibility of giving you access to do it yourself. I will let you know.

Sorry for the delayed response on this. I have been away for a few days. We have added this suggestion to our wishlist and will look into it as we make future improvements to lesson handling and the Library. Thank you for the offer to do some of the work yourself but we are just not set up to do that at the moment, unfortunately. What you can try is to subscribe to your My Lessons RSS feed in iTunes. Then when you add all the lessons in a course, they should all end up in that feed and in iTunes for you. Give that a try and let us know how it works.