Suggestion: Organize the library

I have a suggestion/idea that would probably improve the organization of the library!

I feel LingQ would be better if we could search for podcasts/lessons by category and then filter them by difficulty. For example, science/technology; grammar; conversation; politics; etc. I feel the ones that put out lessons don’t get spotlight unless one happens to catch a forum post on the side or if one is subscribed to that person. Even then, I have to go out of my way to look.

I understand LingQ is a growing site, but I see lots of potential with little features to add.

I’m the type of person that finds it difficult to watch what’s on TV unless I see SOMETHING. If I see a category on DirecTV or Netflix, it motivates me to keep looking through. I don’t think simply coming up with keywords to type in, is the best way to search for good content.

We know that finding content easily is a significant issue for our users. We are working on making significant improvements in that area in our next series of improvements. We hope we will be able to address some of your requirements when do so. Otherwise, for now, are you not able to get those results when you click multiple tags either in the New Course popup or on the Library page?