Suggestion of a good French course at Lingq (intermediare or up)

Could somebody know a good French and Italian course here at LingQ?
My goal is to speak fluently as fast as possible, so I don’t study grammar, writing or other skills. I’d like to speak to everyone about everything. I’ve been studying both every day, 3 hours per day for each one of them. Many thanks for any help.

Hello again, amarildorodrigues!

My recommendations for French would be:

  1. On LingQ
  1. Outside of LingQ
    a) “Français Facile” podcast:
    They offer many mini-dialogs and texts for all language levels on their website that you can import into LingQ.
    b) Radio France Internationale (RFI), “Le Journal en français facile”
    Journal en français facile
    Some episodes are already imported into LingQ: Entrar - LingQ
    c) The Youtube channels / podcasts of Easy French, Inner French, and Français Authentique
    d) French shows on Netflix whose subtitles you can import into LingQ (as we discussed yesterday).

  2. Programs focused on speaking (apart from Italki & Co.)
    Benny Lewis “Fluent in 3 months” and (later) the Academy of Fr. Authentique.

In sum:
If I wanted to become fluent in French as fast as possible, I`d combine a mass immersion approach based on LingQ and the resources mentioned in 1) and 2) with a program that emphasizes early speaking à la “Fluent in 3 months” / the Academy of Fr. Authentique / Italki & Co.

Good luck

PS -
Steve gives some excellent advice on how language learners can improve their speaking skills:

I was also lookign for some links but I don’t know what to use or where to go. Might have to check the links included in this thread. Thank you all so much and I do hope that we all learn French in the best ways that we can. Anyway, thank you all for the links!

Hi, Simonsays!

Here are some other links from one of my earlier LingQ posts regarding French for intermediate learners:

French resources for a low intermediate level (from a LingQ discussion, Jan 7th, 2021):

  1. News in Slow French

  2. Duolingo Stories in French (usually I don’t recommend “Duolingo” for language learning, but their “stories” and “podcasts” in German, French. etc. are quite good!)

  3. Oly Richards, “Short Stories in French for Beginners”

  4. LingQ resources:
    a) WebFeed (filter:s: “Beginner 2 - Intermediate 1”) for French:
    Entrar - LingQ

b) Guided courses

c) Library

  1. Other recommendations by Benny Lewis
    Read in French: 10 French Reading Tips, Resources and Exercises

BUT you shouldn’t start with the links. It’s better to start with the following questions:

  • The WHY: Why do you want to learn French?
  • Your identity as a French learner: How do you see (visualize) yourself as a French speaker?
  • Your goals (oral first?, oral only?, etc. / which language level?)
  • Your time budget ?
  • Your strengths and weaknesses, that is: What do you want to improve first?
  • Your mindset: Forget all the “fun” nonsense out there, i.e. the view that “everything has to be fun / enjoyable, interesting / exciting, easy / super easy / super super easy, etc.”. Rather expect “mental pain” (frustration, demotivation, stagnation / plateaus, etc.) and know how to deal with it (a nice read in this regard "David Goggins, “Can’t hurt me”).
  • Create a habit / routine and system that works for you.
  • Make yourself accountable so that you stick to your routine.

I’m in the middle of writing a book about this topic for autonomous language learners, because these questions keep coming up. Unfortunately, it’ll be a few weeks before it’s published…

Good luck on your language learning journey

I like InnerFrench. The stories are interesting. May be a bit below your level, give it a try?