Suggestion: 'not interested' option for the 'algorithm'?

Hi there.

I assume that LingQ follows some kind of algorithm to suggest content for learners. The subheadings like Trending, What’s New, and News Feed are obviously meant to give more suggestions to the user. However, at least in my case (I’m focused on Korean), I end up getting a lot of suggestions in which I have zero interest (like Kpop and Kdrama news/YouTubers).

I wonder how difficult it’d be to have a button similar to the YouTube interface, where one could hover over a particular lesson/content and click ‘not interested’, thus helping curate this home screen to a user’s taste?

Just a suggestion, probably not so easy to implement, but would be very useful!


Thanks for the extension idea :smiley:
Personalized library feed. I’ll add this to navigation addon

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LingQ has a new UI engineer, and he’s been scheduling meetings with the librarians for feedback and ideas. This is actually one of the things I was planning on suggesting to him tonight in our zoom meeting. Glad I’m not the only one thinking this.

I don’t think that LingQ uses a recommendation algorithm. The ‘What’s New’ shelf shows the most recently shared lessons, personally I consider this the most important shelf because I’m already familiar with the existing content. When a lesson gets a like, it goes to the first spot in the ‘Trending’ shelf.
Not saying it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a recommendation algorithm, but not a trivial task either.

Btw. Rolf is cool. Hopefully he can assert himself inside the organization and make some changes.