Suggestion: Navigating Vocab page

When trying to navigate around the vocab page, there needs to be better page selection features at the bottom. If, for example, I put it in alphabetical and wanted to find the M’s, I have to click through one page at a time with no reference to how many total pages of vocab there are.

Or as another example, if I sort by creation date, it shows the newest on the top but if I want to see the oldest words, I would have to click through an unknown number of pages.

There needs to be a better navigation on the bottom of the page. As an example:

< 1 2 3 4 5 +10 +20 last page >

Beside “filters” you have the options “starts with” / “ends with” / “contains” / “phrase containing” and “translation containing”. If you want to see the words starting with M you can just select “Starts with” → M

If you want to see the first Lingqs you created, you can press Filters, then “Sort by” → “Creation Date” as you wrote. It is true that we must click several times to reach the first ones, because the latest ones come first. Usually I select “Show” → 200 (instead of the usual 25) so that there are fewer pages to click. It does not solve the problem completely but it ameliorates it.

Yeah, I use a lot of those filter and sort-by options too. But I’ve got something like 20K+ LingQs for Polish and trying to go through them is just a bit of a nightmare to navigate without proper buttons on the bottom of the page.

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The Vocabulary page will also be redesigned in the upcoming update. That’s something we are working on.

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