[Suggestion] Make a RSS of My Lessons so we can subscribe in iTunes as a podcast

finally, i owned my first i-device: iphone. it really helps my language learning. now i put every new lessons into my iphone. i found the time of listening increased a lot.

Then i stated to think: why don’t we take the advantage of rss? subscribe My Lessons RSS in iTunes, instead of downloading mp3 files manually every time.

I noticed that we have RSS in each collection, so i think it shouldn’t be a possible to have a rss for My Lessons too.

any thought?

I like the suggestion Edward. We will look into an RSS feed for the lessons page in the future. This would of course, just include the audio files.

I love this suggestion also. I have always wished we could do this, as it can be a pain to manually add each MP3 individually to itunes.

Is this still being looked into?

It’s on our list and would be great but there’s no timeline on this at the moment.

This has been implemented on the My Lessons page. The iPhone app also supports audio.