Suggestion: Layout for "Notes" Section

The “Definitions” section of LingQ is expertly laid-out for those searching for a definition. There is a place to put your own definition, to select from a dictionary, and to select from user-generated definitions. Perfect.

However, AFTER you have selected a definition and have generated your own notes regarding that definition and are ready to go back over your document and study vocabulary, suddenly you realize that the notes you generated are much more important to you than the litany of user-generated definitions.

Now, if you want to view your notes regarding a term, you have to scroll thru a list of user-generated definitions to get to your notes.

One suggestion might be that the Notes section would “float” above the dictionaries and user-generated definitions if the user generated notes for the term.

Just for fun, I’ve created a mock-up of what I’m describing.
Maybe others will find this useful.



Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Appreciate your time spent creating these mock-ups. We will see what we can do in future updates.


These look great!

I can definitely subscribe to that idea. My wife and I have moved to Turkey from Denmark. We both use Lingq to learn Turkish. My wife doesn’t speak English that well. Unfortunately it slows her so much down that she has to scroll down to her own Danish notes that it often discourages her to actually use this fantastic app which Lingq really is. She could of course write her translation and comments in Danish in the ordinary translation field, but we think it would then unnecessarily clutter up the list for other users. What is your opinion on the latter?

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amaaazing ideaaa

Better not clutter the list with other languages. Does your wife know other languages well? I see that the interface list can be changed to German or Swedish for example.

Even though Danish is closely related to Swedish and we understand it pretty well there are too many differences for it to be useful in this context. And German is far more distant. No, the really helpful solution would be as suggested by EricVDG. Then you could quickly look up the word see your own translation or a well understood English word and move on.

Good idea, but there is an existing option to scrolling.
If you click on the arrow (^) to the right of “Saved Meaning”, everything below will collapse down to Notes.

This option does not exist in Android and IOS Apps. Only on the desktop version.

So, just to make sure that I understand your suggestion… I don’t want to misrepresent the value of your suggestion…

If I want to review my 7,294 vocabulary words, I should consider it acceptable to be required to click the arrow (^) that many times to review each of my terms. Do I understand your suggestion correctly? You would deem that acceptable - is that correct?