Suggestion in the feed view

I would like to request for an option to show only new imported lessons or unfinished ones in the feed section. Right now there are only options to show the most relevant, the ones that you like, the last accessed and the last imported.

Not sure if this made sense though. jaja. What do you think?

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Under “My Lessons” tab you can sort by “Newly Imported”. Not exactly what you’re looking for but thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t noticed it. Not sure how well it works immediately. I think in the past sometimes newly imported content doesn’t always appear immediately in the “My Lessons” tab…i.e. may take a small amount of time to refresh.

As @ericb100 wrote, you can change the sort by to Newly Imported and show your latest import on the top on My Lessons tab.

Thanks for the reply guys… the truth is I just found out about the newly imported option. jaja. But like Eric said, it’s still not exactly what I’m looking for. The thing is that the finished lessons will still show up thus, pushing the unfinished ones below. This of course happens when you don’t finish the lessons in the order that you’ve imported them.

I just thought it would be easier if there’s an option to only show the newly imported lessons which are not yet finished. That would save a lot of time for the user I think.

Anyway, the newly imported function for now will kinda work. Gracias!