[suggestion] improving lessons

When importing a new lesson I find the layout and the interpretation of text to be less than optimal. I have a few suggestion to improve things:

  1. Can the title of the chapters / lessons be included in words to be studied?

  2. If words are separated with a dash (“-”) without space, is it possible to not add a space. This gives really weird results and words that have meaning together, may have a different meaning or not have meaning at all if the importer adds a space.

  3. Also internet addresses are really messed up with the added space.

  4. If a text contains bold or italic, is it possible for the imported text to have the same? I suspect this to be less than easy, otherwise you guys would have done this already, but I would be remiss to not ask.

  5. If a text has a clear layout, like for instance a contents overview or a summary of items, then the imports gobbles everything together, ignoring the layout. As in the previous point, I don’t know if this is easy to solve, but I would appreciate not having to go through the imported text to insert extra newlines, just to separate things, that should not be together.

EDIT: 5. Would it be possible to add some kind of table if this is in the text? It doesn’t have to be as beautiful, but often tables result in unreadable gibberish. I added this because the free ebook I am importing has some very useful tables in the last chapter about grammar (in Finnish of course). I would really like to use that.

As always, wishing is easy, implementing is a whole different matter. Let me know what is possible.


Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll forward to our team and we’ll see what they can do.