Suggestion import page

First suggestion…
We have there: type, title, lessons, load date, status and price

Could you take out “Price” and put “in use” instead?

Since the “Price” column isn’t used anymore and “in use” column would be much more useful!

Another suggestion would be…
Lessons are loaded to the Library based on their “load date” (when they were actually created). And that is a pity because I can’t make a rough copy anytime I want to prepare future lessons… because that way when I send that lesson to the library it won’t be on the “new lessons” page, because it has an “old” load (creation) date. I don’t know if this is complicated but it would be nice if the loadings to the Library had the date of the actual day it was submitted to the library, not when they were created.


Good suggestions Berta! We will add them to the list.

Great Mark :wink:

But consider that resubmitting shouldn’t change the date. For example if someone submitted a text, than turn it to private for some reasons and submit it again. In my opinion, it should only change the date if it is submitted for the first time.