Suggestion for Reference Dictionaries

Would it be possible to add a feature where Lingq users could add reference dictionaries themselves for the languages they are learning? I believe that this would save Lingq support some time and hassle, as from my own experience I’ve lost count how many times I’ve probably pestered the Lingq support to add new dictionaries for languages.

P.S Please add the following dictionaries :slight_smile:
Malay: (The one I’m requesting is Chinese-Malay, but it is also available in 34 other languages including English.)印尼语-汉语
Cantonese: (Languagecrush, a language learning platform similar to Lingq, uses this dictionary as their default for Cantonese)

Thanks, I’ll look into this and check if we can support them.

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Unfortunately we can’t support the one for Cantonese.
The DICT.COM is already available on LingQ for many languages, but I see the combination you suggested is for Indonesian > Chinese, not Malay > Chinese. Is that the combination you want available?

My bad for not being clear enough. Yes, it would technically be Indonesian > Chinese, since Indonesian dictionaries also work for Malay. Also, I was just curious on why the Chinese Word Parser function on the website for Cantonese cannot be supported. is now available for Indonesian > Chinese combination. Other dictionary can’t be supported, since we only support dictionaries that have a searched term in the URL.

Would you mind also adding the same Indonesian-Chinese combination for the Malay slot?印尼语-汉语
As well as for Greek-Chinese:希腊语-汉语

Sure thing, done.


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