Suggestion for new languages

I refer to a post of Steve where he said that it is possible to import lessons of an unsupported language into one of the existing language sections as long as you don’t intend to study that language; the system functionality still works.

I am doing this for Serbo-Croatian, and I am importing the content into the Italian section, which I won’t study because I am a native-speaker.

I intend to do this for a few other unsupported languages, for sure all the balkan languages. since I am pretty sure that they wont be supported in the near future.

By doing this however, for each new unsupported language that I add, I preclude myself the possibility to study one of the already existing ones, and since I’d like to learn them all, or at least keep them alive, this is very frustrating.

Thus my suggestion: why not adding to the list of all the existing languages, also a sort of empty or blank field for language(s) to be chosen by the user, which one would use for languages that
are still not supported ??

Thanks in advance

As we are on the topic of new languages, why was Cantonese never added when it ranked first in this poll?

@James123 - That was an incomplete result that ended up with Korean being ranked first and being added.

@gmusci - We will be adding more languages in the next few months so hopefully this will help solve your situation.