Suggestion for grace day on streaks

How about if you do a certain number of days consecutive (i.e. your streak) then you earn one day grace, meaning that if you don’t reach your daily goal you can use you “get out of jail free” card without having to buy your way out. It just feels a little negative to have to pay my way out, like i’m being fined or punished. When you have a long streak going you feel good about yourself, you feel motivated and then perhaps you have a day where you just can’t get any time and its outside of your control and now you get punished for skipping. Then it kind of saps your motivation a little.


You can use your Lingq coins to recover your streak. Every time I lose mine, I get a message suggesting me that possibility.
I use the web version

Lingq coins are earned how, by making lingqs? In effect that already implements what you’re suggesting, with the “get out of jail free” card being Lingq coins. But I don’t know how fast they accumulate vs. how long a streak you reasonably think should earn a pass. I don’t use them, so I don’t have a feeling for how fast they come and go, and don’t know what else they’re good for. (Avatar bling?)


What others have said - LingQ coins will repair your streak :slight_smile:


I lost my 55 day streak in Japanese yesterday, damn! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: And the joke’s on me, because I actually put in 3 hours study time yesterday, just forgot to get on LingQ. :crazy_face:

Do I want to ‘repair’ it?

NAH! I’ll just start from scratch :grin:
Besides, I like to spend coins on my avatar :rofl:

I think OP is aware that you can use LingQ coins to repair your streak, but he doesn’t like the idea because it feels like he is being fined or punished.

Personally, if you are consistent in your studies, you should reach 5,000 coins after X amount of days. For me, I usually get around 500 coins a day, so it takes me about ten days to earn enough coins for a one day repair, which I think is totally fair.

Despite that, I will never use the repair streak feature, because I like using the streak as an indication for the days I’ve been genuinely studying. I don’t want to turn it into a fake number just for the sake of staying on the leaderboard or feeling good about myself lol.


Another suggestion concerning the beloved streaks:

I would very much like LingQ to display a user’s LONGEST streak along with the current one in his/her stats. How about that?


The whole repair your streak thing makes no sense to me. If I don’t use LingQ for a day and lose my streak what does it matter? It doesn’t bother me at all. Also I Like the streak because it shows me how many days in a row I have been active, why would I want to “repair” it if I miss a day? If I repair it, then it gives me an inaccurate count of the amount of days I have been active. Does anyone else feel this way?


I feel the same way. I’m learning Portuguese as a total beginner and French at the intermediate level. In Portuguese I wasn’t able to keep up with the daily Lingqs requirement and just got out of the 90-day challenge, but in French I mixed my Lingqs between few familiar words and more unknown ones. That made it easier to focus on the unknown words.

Now it’s Ramadan and I am fasting and having a hard time keeping up with my French so I am buying coins all the time and just making Lingqs without really studying them. But I still like the 90-day challenge because it forces me to spend some time on my French even if I am studying it passively.