Suggestion for app : integrated simple browser for quick imports directly on device

The title pretty much says it all.
I just discovered how the firefox plugin that lets you quickly import articles from around the web, and it works really great! It makes it much easier to study news articles. It would be great, though, if I didn’t have to get in my PC every time. The plugins don’t seem to work for the ipad-browser. So that’s why I thought - why don’t you include a little browser in the Ipad-app that lets you write an url and browse a site and then import directly from the Ipad?

That could be really useful.
The news articles in the feed is ok, but the choice of articles seems to be limited.

On my iPhone, when I have an internet page on Safari, I can import the article as a Lingq lesson : I scroll downwards, then I get the square with the arrow and clicking on that square I get a number of possibilities, among which that of importing into Lingq. My iPad (first edition) does not have this possibility, but I think it should work on the newer models.

I don’t see anything when I scroll downwards on my 2nd generation IPad…

Is the second generation still updated? On my iPhone I have OS 10.3.2. On my iPad, first generation, I have OS 5.1.1. My iPad is not updated any more, so I cannot download the newer apps on it.
Could that be the problem with your iPad?

Maybe. I have 9.3.5…