Suggestion: Adding a "Hours of Singing"-Button

Hey there,

I love to sing/rap in English and French and I´d like to track these activities on LingQ.
I´d be great if there´d an “hours of singing”-button or something similar, but I guess that most people would never use it.

What do you guys think?

Greetings, Paule

I like to whistle dixie…perhaps we can have a button for that, too…(joking)
Maybe you could upload your own singing voice recordings. for us all to listen to…wink.
I recorded myself singing in Chinese, but ending up sounding the equivalent of most Asians doing English karaoke:)

Why don’t you just use your speaking counter for that?

@Paule89 - Interesting suggestion, but I don’t see us adding this :slight_smile: You can probably just use the speaking counter and adjust accordingly based on how much speaking you think it equates to.

I don’t think that such a button is necessary. As djvlbass has suggested, the speaking counter can be used for that if it’s important for you. I don’t sing in any language, I’m afraid.

I´m using the listening counter.^^
Most people don´t think that singing/rapping is a language learning activity, I guess…

Oh, I do think it is, but not for me. I don’t watch movies, either. I do listen to music, though, but almost exclusively to the Czech singer Karel Gott. I’m a bit strange sometimes :-).

Karel Gott, eh? He’s quite elderly these days…but I see what the attraction was when he was much younger. Well, sort of. Not my style, but each to his own:) But then I confess that I don’t mind watching André Rieu occasionally…

I had a crush on Hugh Jackman when he sung in his 20’s…but these days I don’t focus on his singing (grin)

Rapping is a language invention activity.

But when you do it I’m sure it’s all good!