Suggestion: add "gender" in the correction menu

It’d be nice if you could add a “gender” mistake. At least for spanish this is an issue. And also in french.

In German I use “article” to mark this kind of error.

There is just a thread with some suggestion for German: Tagging Errors In Writing Submissions - Language Forum @ ...

Some time ago Steve asked which other tags are needed to tag errors in a writing submission. I couldn’t find this thread.

I miss most the following error types for German:

  • Misspelling / Rechtschreibfehler
  • Case / Fall
  • Tense / Zeit

misspelling is a good one too!

Just in case you missed it, new mistake types have been added a month or so ago.

Yesterday I corrected a writing and felt two categories were missing, one of them being “Syntax” and the other one “Conjunction”, I think.
Would it be possible to add them in the future?
Thank you,

I think “conjunction” would definitely be useful.