Suggestion: add course name to lesson name in vocabulary filter

Problem: Not all lessons have unique names. In vocabulary filter lesson filtering option currently shows only lesson name, making it impossible to choose lesson correctly from ones named similarly in different courses. Typical offenders are for example “Part One” or “Part (1)”, and similar.

Suggestions how to improve this:

  1. During filtering, show also course name for lesson if lesson list would have several identical lesson names. For example: “Part One (Who Is She?)” instead of just “Part One”.
  2. Alternatively, pregenerate unique filtering names for all lessons.
    If filtering changes are not possible (and possibly in addition), it would be nice to have bulk lesson rename (or at least option to add something to name) for all lessons in a course. Imported pdfs seem to produce “Part (n)” named lessons, and renaming them individually is not fun.

Hi there, thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We’ll see what we can do about it.