Suggestion: 6-Week Challenge

What do you think about the idea of adding a 6-Week Challenge Option to LingQ?

I find the idea of doing a 6 week challenge in Language X, followed by a 6 week stint in Language Y, then Language Z, quite appealing.

Imagine, for example, studying Japanese 6 wks, French 6 wks, then Chinese 6 wks - and repeating the cycle. By the time one came back to repeating a certain language, 12 weeks would have elapsed since the last time you studied it.

Even in a 90 Day Challenge studying Language Y, 12 weeks elapse before you return to study Language X again.

But I get itchy feet half-way through the 90 days. Even doing 2 languages at the same time doesn’t work for me. I think I get my “wanderlust” compliments of SanneT :slight_smile:

What do you think?


I think it is a great idea! The current 90 days is quite long and it might be nice to have two options for the challenge length. Six weeks is much easier to digest.

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60 days are, indeed, a slightly-less daunting span and the language butterfly within me is fluttering with excitement! Spanish, Swedish, Russian? French, Swedish, Spanish?

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I think this is a good idea for those studying multiple languages. I am prepared to participate. 45 days on one language and 45 on another. Whether we co X, Y and Z or just X and Y and then X and then Y again is up to each person. But this kind of interval training could be quite effective. Let’s see what we can do to set this up.


Fantastisch! If this gets done, I will start a 45 day or 6 week challenge in Russian or Chinese.


Ah, yes, a week has 7 days, not 10… Well, 45 days sound even better than 60 for my FL butterfly ears. As Colin says: “Fantastisch”!

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I woke up this morning with excitement, thinking about the possibilities. Good to hear it’s do-able, and people are interested. I particularly like Steve’s mention of “interval training”! And yes, “45-Day Challenge” would definitely be the way to go.


Can’t wait, although I’ll be hamstrung (or should it be PC-strung?) for the next three to four weeks, my desktop had to be returned to the manufacturer’s. My notebook is a pain in the proverbial to use, but I shall soldier on whenever we get the go-ahead. I can’t make up my mind which language to study: tried and trusted ones or newish ones or new ones? Decisions, decisions!

Portuguese… :slight_smile:

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I think it was more motivating when everybody was doing the challenge at the same time. Anyway, I like the “45-Day Challenge” version!


this is an amazing idea! please make this happen!!

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@support - no pressure…^^, but I was wondering when a 45-Day Challenge option might become available? Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I agree, I do think it is more motivating to do the challenge at the same time. Nice the 45 day idea !

Steve definitely likes the idea :slight_smile:

We’ve got a few things we’re working on at the moment, so I don’t think we’d be doing this in the next month or two, but perhaps early next year if we decide to launch another group challenge. In the meantime we’ve got lots of cool things planned so stay tuned…

@alex - (sounds of anguished sobs & wringing of hands filling the air…) Uh, no, lol.

But to be clear, I actually wanted lingQ to add a 45 day challenge option to our individual progress snapshots. I myself wasn’t planning on doing a group challenge.

Some others really like the idea of a group 45 day challenge option, and I’m happy for them and LingQ to do this of course :slight_smile:

(Without complaining), I guess I’ll have to start my own 45 day challenges, doing the maths for specific languages & level (Just halve the existing challenge targets, or multiply daily targets x 45, taking current level studied into account.) Ha! ^^

Nothing stopping us from doing this privately anyway; just would have been easier having this option on our snapshots, is all:)

Not to worry, I understood what you were looking for here :slight_smile: Typically with things like these they end up taking longer than you might expect at first glance. We have some other ideas for challenges as well, and a few things that we’re bouncing around internally right now. If we add a 45-day challenge now, we should then probably add a 30-day and 60-day challenge too.

It’s always a bit tricky to keep this balanced, since we want to stay on track with the things we’re working on now that we’ve identified as priorities, but also be open to make extra changes that we think will improve things for a large number of users. The font style/size issue was one of those that we took a bit of a detour to address, but I think with the challenge we’ll be better off waiting a bit longer, giving it some proper thought and getting more feedback before we decide to make any more updates here.