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симптомы депрессии после выхода на = symptoms of depression after leaving the

I suggest changing “leaving the” to “exiting into”, so it makes more sense with the end of the sentence, which is:

пенсию. = retirement

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Thanks, we will look into it.

“симптомы депрессии после выхода на пенсию” would best be translated as “symptoms of depression after leaving for retirement”; the sentence makes perfect sense. “after leaving the” would be “после выхода с” if the same verb is used.

Or did i misunderstand?

The English as currently shown is very clearly wrong; I just double-checked the lesson, and it is still wrong. It appears to me that it was not fixed at all.

What it currently says in English is “after leaving the retirement”; this is the opposite of what is meant, and it also makes no sense in the context of the text.

Maybe you’re seeing a different text in your view than what I see published on the site?

I just double-checked to see if it got fixed, but, it appears to still be wrong.
But it is obvious that it is wrong and it is obvious what the correct translation should be, so probably it doesn’t really matter at all.

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