Suggested keyboard shortcuts

It would be tremendously helpful if you could add keyboard shortcuts to make a blue work semi-known, in addition to ‘k’ which sets a word to be “known” and ‘Enter’ which sets it to be ‘Unknown’. A good choice would be the keys 2,3.

I often find myself changing a word to yellow by hitting the Enter key, and then manually change it (using to mouse) to “2-can’t remember” or “3-not sure”. Thank you.

This has been suggested long ago. I’d find the post where I suggested it, but the forum search function is deplorable. Long story short, they won’t be adding such a shortcut any time soon.

@jonlingq - This is something that we did want to add but ran into some issues with it working properly. It’s still on our list somewhere, and we hope to eventually find a way to bypass the issues we ran into the first time around!