Suddenly stops playing sound

I imported text and audio for a lesson. The audio stopped suddenly after a couple of minutes and wouldn’t start again. I reloaded and it stopped again, but not in the same place. Is there a solution for this?

Sounds strange! Would you let us know which browser you are using, and would you also include a link to the lesson so we can take a look and see if anything stands out?

I’ve experienced the same thing and doesn’t seem to be an issue with any particular lesson or language. It always stops after about a minute or so. When I restart it, it usually plays through. I’ve just been starting it twice right from the beginning to get around the problem. I’m using Google Chrome on Mac.

Thanks for the additional information. The next time this happens, would you open the error console in Chrome and let us know if any specific errors are showing up? It may be something to do with the audio not having been loaded properly, so if there are any errors showing this might help figure out what is causing this.

You can access the error console using information found here: Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome

Yes, I discovered there was a problem with the audio import. I deleted the lesson, and re-imported text and audio and it works now.