Success at 10,000 known words in LingQ

I have been working diligently using LingQ daily along with my many other language strategies. Yes, I can hold down some basic conversations if the conversation includes words that I naturally use.

Daily I talk to a variety of friends in Mexico and Spain using WhatsApp and zoom, but today was a special day. I was able to help a Latino women who was trying to get her water turned when I was down at the water company. There was no one able to translate for her but I was able to help her and the worker get through the process.

Now I have a new friend on WhatsApp that lives down the street from my house. She is closer too my age and we also have mutual friends, so I am excited about our new friendship. What was funny about the end of our conversation is that when I told her I was a teacher she knew exactly what I taught before I even explained it to her.

Just giving everyone a run down of what I do.

Talk with people in my L2 language online a few times a week.

Daily chats in my L2 language

Word/phrase wall in my study location

I read as much as I can daily and that is a lot

I only watch shows in Spanish and then import them into LingQ and read the transcript

Read books in Spanish at a B1-B2 level a few times a week

Reference my golden notebook weekly for phrases and words that I have mastered.

Check my SRS cards and Anki every few days.

All of my time not working, sleeping, or maintaining my home is dedicated to learning my L2 language.

My goal is to reach a fluid B2 level by December. My focus content area is education, jobs, shopping, eating out, ocean science, swimming, dating, as well as basic survival needs when moving to or living in a new country.


Seems like with this study schedule you also notice that you are not struggling with any grammatical points like verbs, etc in Spanish. Am I right? Definitely you are fully engaged in the language.

I still struggle with verbs but it is getting much easier. Some words have double or triple meanings in my L2, but I try and focus on how the word is most commonly used in the texts or videos that I watch. When I am with someone and in a particular situation I only need to focus on 80% in my L2 and can always look up a word for clarification.

Yes, at this point I am fully engaged daily with my L2 language. My L2 has become a full-time hobby, but I do have a goal of reaching B2 by December for a formal test I will be taking in Mexico. Next summer I want to take some science courses in Ensenada, MX. I feel with my goals and my internal desire I should be successful but December is just around the corner.

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Taking a formal test is a different ball game altogether. You have to take sample tests to familiarize with the types of questions that are usually asked before sitting in the actual exam. Time is usually your main enemy. Hopefully, you will clear it up with flying colors.
Mexico is a nice get away. A couple of years ago I was in Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful sunset. Nice humble Mexican people they are and hard working, too.