Suburb and suburbs

I’d like to know the difference between “suburb” and “surburbs”. I encounterd these two sentenses.

We live in a suburb.
We live in the surburbs.


The second one is probably a typo, because I have never heard of “surburbs.” I think that whoever wrote this was trying to say “suburbs.” Suburbs is plural for suburb, it has the same meaning. A suburb is an area outside of a large city that people live, usually less populated than in a city. Hope that helps. =)

Thanks, Cronemaster. Yes, that was a typo. So the meangs of suburb and surburbs are the same. Ok, I got it.

In common English, an in speaking to my friends I would say, I live in the suburbs.
I would not say when speaking that I live in a suburb.
I am not sure why, but you would actually use the second one more in common English speech.