Subscription renewal

Just the other day my 1 year subscription of LingQ had just expired. I received an email stating that LingQ could not withdrawal additional funds from my account to continue with another yearly subscription (I changed my debit card).

I love LingQ, as it has allowed me to attain fluency in my families native language, HOWEVER, I do not believe that an automatic renewal of my subscription should happen and funds withdrawn from my account without my consent. A kindly reminder via email etc should be received some time before the expiry of my subscription and ask if I would like to renew it.

I do hope this issue gets rectified

Hi AdamDip,
Sorry about that. Our standard memberships are all recurring memberships, which is noted when upgrading and on the first invoice. We give customers full control over their subscriptions from the account page, and cancelling is as easy as clicking “Downgrade”. If you’ve changed your debit card, you will need to update your billing info if you want to stay on Premium membership. If not, your account will be downgraded to FREE automatically after three unsuccessful attempts.
Before you can downgrade your subscription you will need to share or remove your Private Lessons, since free accounts are allowed to have maximum 5 Private Lessons.
Let us know if you have any additional questions.