Submitting writing

Hi everyone!

I want to ask everyone about submitting writing in the language(s) you are learning.

What do you write about? This is a question I’ve had for some time…

I have some points so I’d like to use them…but I’m just wondering what I could write about with my as of yet limited vocabulary…

Could some of you give me some ideas about what topics to write about?

I guess the obvious one would be talk about myself…but what are your ideas?

There is a list of possible topics if you go click Write->Submit writing->Topics.

Why not start with your “Interests” (your profile mentions a lot). I usually do, adding some self-reflection, ideas about language learning, diary/blog entries… I have also prepared for speaking events by writing about a topic first.

Personally I don’t like writing “essays”…so when I post a comment in a target language on a forum I just hit the “submit for correction” button.