Sub-iPhone mobile lingQing

For my birthday I got a cheap smart phone. It is connected to a 3G mobile broadband network, and Skype calls and some internet browsing are free. Every time you top up you get 150 Mb of data for browsing. Even more exciting, you can plug it into your netbook and get internet access for your netbook. The data rates are very slow (definitely sub-broadband), but connecting to the internet this way is very cheap and coverage over the UK is pretty good.

I am typing this sitting in a field near York watching my children alarming some chickens. I can (when the signal strength is good) slooowly browse the forum and correct written submissions.

My question is, which parts of the site are most Java dependent and data intensive, and is it possible to use all (or any) of the LingQ site with Java turned off?

I know people who have paid lots more for iPhones and iPods can download a lingQ application, but I’m not sure if I can do this on my phone. If it is Java-based then it is probably too data-intensive for my limited internet connection.

In particular I have found this to be annoying:

If the network times out (as it does about 50% of the time on my mobile) while saving a correction on “correct a submission”, all my comments on the correction get lost.

I think (although it hasn’t happened to me yet this morning) the same is true if a forum post times out.

I would like a mobile version of LingQ! Not as in a download/app, but just a mobile version of the site without java, even if you can’t use the dictionary or make lingqs then I would be happy :stuck_out_tongue: (I wouldn’t use it on my phone but on my nintendo ds, but that doesn’t really matter)

RSS feeds for friends activities and rankings would help me stay in the loop when I’m out and about. Plus mobile-friendly versions of people’s profile pages.

Right, so I can get my lingQs of the day through e-mail, which I can read on my phone. I can download mp3s and listen to them on my phone, and I can subscribe to an RSS feed of the collection of lessons I am working through, so I can read the lesson on my phone.

Except the RSS feed doesn’t seem to work on collections I have imported myself? Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem?

Lots of good suggestions here, Helen. We will keep them in mind in our future enhancements for mobile users. RSS should work for all collections. It doesn’t matter if they are yours or others. However, the rss feed only includes the audio and a short excerpt of the text. It does not include the whole lesson.

It would be useful to be able to view the lesson, although it would mean a heck of a lot of scrolling with a 2.5 inch screen!

I have just discovered LingQ’s Twitter feed, that’s very handy on my mobile.