Stuttering when reading, is anyone else experiencing this?

I have been working on my Swedish for 10 months now but I only started using LingQ and focusing more on input about 2 months ago. I’m reading 2 pages a day of a novel and listening to the audiobook. It’s going quite well but I just noticed when I’m reading that I stutter a lot and never seem to be satisfied with my pronunciation, is that normal? I think it’s because I read rather quickly (usually I try to read as fast as the audio). I also read outloud.

I also often stutter when reading. Oddly it’s not always difficult vocabulary. It’s seemingly more related to when the flow of syllables within a word is very different from my mother tongue, especially certain syllables I have trouble with (e.g. “palabra preparada”). Regardless, I don’t know what it all means or how to fix it, I’m just saying you’re not alone. Probably it will just get better as you practice more?

If i understand what you are saying, it’s probably not a “real” stutter. It sounds like just a repeated hesitation of pronoucing the words in your head because you’re not sure how to do it yet.

I would say slow down and get better and it’ll go away.

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Reading aloud in a concise manner is difficult for most people in their native language, let alone one that they’re just learning. If you’re trying imitate a professional narrator in an audiobook, it’s even harder. Slowing down and taking it sentence by sentence for a while should help.

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I find reading aloud easier in my target language but good point about it being a professional narrator.

I don’t know what you mean by real stutter. I didn’t have speech problems as a kid, and I guess reading slowly is probably easier (though less fun)