Stupid question about 冯

So, in this sentence, what does “冯” mean? I can’t figure it out; I don’t find any definitions online, but Google Translate seems to think it’s very important.

尊敬的大公夫人冯 Janet

(I don’t know if I should be translating the name part into Chinese also, but I haven’t been.)

Thanks for any insight,


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It is a Chinese family name.

OK, that makes sense; I saw a reference to that. I also saw a reference to it meaning “surname” in some contexts.

FWIW, google translate turns this:

尊敬的大公夫人冯 Janet


The respected Grand Duchess von Janet

whereas if I delete it:

尊敬的大公夫人 Janet

it translate it into this:

Grand Duchess Dear Janet

Is Google Translate just insane, or is there a significance to 冯 in a formal context, i.e. starting a letter?

OK, so this page says it means, among other things, “great”. So maybe that’s what it means, or maybe I’m completely offbase and my introduction is something insane and confusing, but c’est la vie, regardless.冯

Any further insight from anyone less clueless than me (i.e. everyone) would be much appreciated.

OK, I think the conclusion is that I have no idea what I’m doing and mispasted something - looks like it should be just this:


Dear Grand Duchess

The MDGB online dictionary says:

冯 = Féng = surname Feng

尊敬的 = zūnjìng de = Dear …
大公 = dàgōng = grand duke
夫人 = fūren = Lady; Madame; Mrs.
冯 = Féng = (Surname)

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