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The next beta language on LingQ is… TURKISH!
If you’ve been waiting to learn Turkish on LingQ, this will be music to your ears. You’ll now be able to share your Turkish lessons with others and benefit from User Hints!

Did you know that Turkish is spoken by an estimated 80 million people worldwide? It is an agglutinative language and has a word order similar to Korean and Japanese, but it also has noun cases like Russian and Czech.
Turkish underwent some significant changes in the early 1900s, including a change in the writing system, moving from an Arabic-based script to a Latin-based script.
For a list of great Turkish content, be sure to check out the Turkish Listening Library, assembled by Aaron Myers: (

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Are there currently any active LingQers from Turkey who could provide lessons and tutoring? I hope Turkish will be more successful than the recently added beta languages…

Hi,I’m advanced level english learner and ı hope I can help from Istanbul

@ozne - You can certainly help :slight_smile: Check this page for ways to contribute:

Good to see. Thanks for adding Turkish - one of my favorite languages.

Yes, I’ve been waiting for Turkish for ages! Thanks so much for adding it :slight_smile: I just hope that LingQ will work for an agglutinative language as well as it works for other languages and that there will be some Turkish tutors, because I would love to practice writing as soon as possible. (I’ve been learning Turkish for a year now).


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Türk dilini - olacaktı.

Please add the dictionary for Turkish, e.g.
Thanks a lot for adding Turkish to LingQ!

These are the dictionaries I regularly use (and I recommend adding them as well): - currently it’s Turkish-German, German-Turkish only, but it’s still useful

OK, I’ve now added all the suggested dictionaries. :slight_smile:

A Must for learning Turkish (suffix dict):

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