Study Resources icons

How come at the top of the righthand window there are movie, notes and translation icons with a righthand dropdown button but they all do the same thing?
Some of my lessons have youtube videos, english translation and attachments and I would like to one-click the movie icon to bring up the video and one-click the translation icon to bring up the translation without bringing down the dropdown list. If I have multiple attachments I expect to use a dropdown list to choose the file I want but then I would expect to click on the righthand dropdown icon for this.

Initially that was the intention, but it proved to be a bit complicated if there were multiple of one. In the end, we decided to settle for having these give you a quick glance at what resources are available without having to click on the dropdown first. In the end it doesn’t take much longer to use the dropdown so we stuck with this current setup.

That’s a big icon for one dropdown list! You could probably have used a smaller icon and put something else useful there.
And you couldn’t have just set it to show the first one of the multiples in each box?

I think the way it works is just fine, since it enables us to show with little numbers which resources are available, or even how many forum posts there are.

In any case I am sure we can all have different opinions about how different features should work or be displayed. It is impossible to make everyone happy. Thanks for the suggestion dfranks, but this is not something we are going to change.

Sorry, but I personally find navigating LingQ to be a fairly cluncky and hit and miss experience. On the positive side you have been putting a lot of work into improving things and I think I can live with the dropdown list. I have just one more suggestion or nag which I’ll post as a new thread.

In particular what do you find “cluncky” and hit and miss, besides the resources icon? Meanwhile look forward to your thread on your next suggestion.

In particular I find the the library filters cluncky and hit and miss. At the moment I’m using my own private material exclusively. When I return to LingQ I want to go back to where I was when I left off. In the ‘My Lessons’ tab, if I have selected ‘Private’ and exit LingQ, when I reopen LingQ it defaults to ticking ‘Taken, Private & Shared’.
It also acts erractically sometimes. For instance I go to the playlist and click on the playlist that I want but before I can click on it the page resorts to a shared lesson page that causes me to click on an unknown lesson that I don’t want. This has happened 2 or 3 times I think.
Also when I want to remove a lesson from a playlist I would like to use the dropdown by that lesson and, under where it says ‘add to playlist’ I would like to click ‘remove from playlist’ instead of having to use the playlist edit window to find and delete the lesson.
I would be happier with LingQ if the filters would stay as they were set until I changed them and if LingQ allowed an option to return the user back to the last opened page instead of to the timeline.

The defaults in the library is one of the issues in the library that we are working on right now. We are aware that not all things in the library are working as they should. Once we fix these we will look at any other possible improvements to the library.