Study buddy, Russian lang

If anyone wants a study buddy for Russian lang, let me know. I fell in love with Russian and have been studying it a year, I joined lingQ this week. I usually study on my own but since I’m here I thought I’d ask. I’m a native English speaker from England.

All the best!

Well, if you have questions that you want to ask to a non-native, hit my wall : )

Hey! I’m a native Russian speaker and would be happy to be your tutor :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks I will message you both :slight_smile:

I’ve also been studying Russian for a year, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to start speaking. Maybe finding a study buddy would be a good idea?

Elric, I think speaking and listening are the hardest part of learning a language. I find reading and writing a lot easier. Having a study buddy can be good for motivation at least, so if you want to study with me leave me a message on my wall and we can swap skype or something.

Everything is good by language studying: to study on his\her own, to study buddy, to listen, to write and to try speaking with friends and with a tutor.
But the important thing is to be exposed to the target language as often as possible. And it’s better 7 days only 15 minutes every time than once a week for 5 hours.
Good luck with Russian and use more our library - there are a lot of different lessons for all levels and all tastes.

btotheb, currently I don’t even have a skype setup, but I know that I should really look into it. I’ll leave you message after I figure it out.

Evgueny, I know that lingq has an excellent Russian library. I don’t use it enough because I’m studying multiple languages, and because I also use other resources more than lingq. I feel like I have a good enough vocabulary to start having simples conversations, but I’m still insecure about it. I guess all I need is courage to take the first step.

Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread. I’ll go back to my dungeon now. :wink:

Add me in Skype, guys. My login name: sergeyzaozerskiy
I’ll try to help you :slight_smile:

Thank you, Sergey, I will as soon as I figure out skype.