Students to try pronouncing some famous english movie quotes

Last week we asked the students to try pronouncing some famous English movie quotes… It was mostly for fun, but last night Hanna saw the new X-Men movie and said she understood almost all of it, so who knows? Maybe it worked!

Huh? So is LingQ now running some kind of physical language school? (Well I never did! And after all of Steve’s tub-thumping in the past about internet self-learners…!)

It’s not a physical language school. We’ve invited 3 students to come to Vancouver and learn English in a real work environment. The 3 students are learning about start-ups, blogging, content marketing, social media etc…

It’s so important to learn a language from content and material that’s of interest to you by reading and listening. So a large part of their time is spent just using LingQ. Of course there’s always time to try to do our best movie impression :wink:

Here’s the post from Steve when he announced the 3 month Academy Live: Come to Vancouver and Learn With Me! - The Linguist


Wow, pretty interesting. I wish you guys did this with Russian. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, this in Russian would be nice :smiley:

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I guess we would need to all speak Russian in the office :smiley: