Students have difficulties to find the report details

It looks like students have huge difficulties to find the details of a report for example a writing correction. They see the correction on the Exchange and they can import it as a lesson, but often they are not able to find the full access to all of the details of the report. In the details they can see the list of corrections with original version, correction, error type and notes according to this correction. It is really a pitty that it is well hidden and not accessible from the Exchange page.

A direct link to Login - LingQ is also missing in the main menue. First you have to select Exchange > My requests ( and then you have to choose “show reports”. This is far from being intuitive. I guess a lot of members haven’t found this page yet and haven’t seen the details of a report beside the Exchange.

I agree with this that it is difficult to see the details. Before, if I remember well, the notes where shown below. Now you can only see them in a pop-up, and sometimes I could hardly read them because the background colour of the popup was incorrect on my browser. It would be better if the notes where shown below the lesson as well.

Silvia, I wish the access that you get from Login - LingQ for requests would be more obvious. Than you can see the ‘old’ version of the details of the report. I miss that.

It is quite true. The old version clearly showed the notes identified by numbers. The new exchange system shows the notes which are not clickable on iPads or iPhones or other mobile devices but which are clickable on PCs and Macs.

When the number is clickable, you get to see the note relating to the correction, which is good. But the positive aspect ends there.

Negative aspects:

  1. It is not possible to copy the note.
  2. It is not possible to see more than one note at a time.
  3. It is not possible to compare notes, say for example, note 10 happens to go into greater detail than note 1, one might like to compare the two comments simultaneously.
  4. It is not possible to see all comments (i.e. notes) at once.

If as a student one cannot copy the notes one is stuck having to memorise the comments relating to the correction, which it makes it difficult to learn as it sort of becomes a memory test.

I enthusiastically felt that I could make a screenshot of all the notes and then rewrite them myself later on. It would act as a learning exercise and force me to “notice” the language.

However as only one comment is clickable at one time, I would have been stuck filling up my computer with lots of screenshots.

This system needs to be improved. It is unfair to tutors who spend their precious time making notes that are invisible to students using mobile devices, and it is unfair to students who want to digest the notes slowly and learn from them to be unable to copy them and to be stuck having to click the comments one by one in order to see them individually.

If the problem is difficult to fix, why not let the student see the report that the tutor sees? That way at least, the student could actually see the notes (wink, wink).

@all - Thank you for your suggestions on this. We’ll keep this in mind and see what we can do to improve the interface further!

Alex, in earlier versions the students were able to see the report like the tutor. This was much better to see the single problems and the categories of the errors.

Vera, from some of your lessons it looks like your a computer tech. Too bad they didn’t pay you to improve the German part of the library. Not that it’s bad but could use improvement. ^^