Stuck in a sentence

hey, i just started Vanessa Spignora’s Le consentement and there’s this part where i got kinda stuck: “Nous avons fait des marches en pierre notre poste d’observation pour admirer les figures exécutées par des garçons dégingandés et frimeurs”. What does “faire des marches en pierre” mean and why is it followed by “notre poste d’observation”? Could you please help?

You could say it another way: nous avons installé notre poste d’observation sur les marches en pierre.
So something like "we made the “marches en pierre” to be our “poste d’observation”.

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“We have made (decided to make) the stone steps (of a staircase) our observation point (a place from where we can watch the boys.)”

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ahhh i get it now
thanks a lot

thank you!