Stu Jay Raj - tonal language specialist

Is this the elusive breakthrough I’ve always looked for?

Is it all about throat muscle control?

Who knows. It might help. Is it Mandarin you’re learning?

Yeah, mainly Mandarin.

I actually like Cantonese too, on account of Hong Kong cinema. But if I struggle with Mandarin’s tones, I guess I can safely forget anything more complicated? :-o

You don’t like MT’s method of teaching the tones?

I’ve seen dozens of different folks “teaching” (I use the word loosely) the Mandarin tones! Stu Jay is basically the only one that has actually made some sense for me, quite honestly.

I’ve long felt that there is a big and weird gap between the conventional textbook explanations, and what I actually hear if I’m listening to my audio (Glossika or Linguaphone.)

BTW I’m not so much into Thai, but his explanation of Thai tones is PURE genius! :smiley:

Mom: Why? Why!? Whyyyy??

Dennis: Yeah, Yeaaah!

I can literally hear them in my mind still - and I’ve never even attempted to learn Thai!

Lol. I used to have trouble with 2nd tone. Now I always remember Harold Goodman’s “ONE? I ordered two!” :slight_smile: I never needed to do his hand signals though, as I already had some Mandarin under my belt at the time. As for Stu Jay - yeh, he’s quite a remarkable Aussie.