Stress marks on Russian Lingqs?

Russian dictionaries made for foreigners usually have stress marks on words, which helps me a lot to figure out how to pronounce them, which in turn helps me remember the word. Is there any possibility to have the dictionary entry on russian words show stress marks? I dont know how it works, who /could/ provide it etc of course.

Now I know this can be relatively low priority because a lot of content has accompanying audio which solves the pronunciation/stress, but when importing words with multiple ‘o’ and not having audio or a native speaker to help with pronunciation, stress marks would be invaluable to me. So I find myself looking up words sometimes in my physical dictionary just to see where the stress falls. And not bothering importing :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not familiar with spoken Russian yet and don’t know how important proper stress is, so any info would be great. Thanks

Dexter, there are some Russian dictionaries which show you there the stress is. They are called ‘orthoepy dictionaries’. I can give you the link to them. The only problem is, they are not online dictionaries, they are books. So, you will have to buy them if you want to use them and that’s probably not a good idea.

About the importance of proper stress I can say that sometimes it is important sometimes not. For example, if you say “пИсать” - it means to pee, at the same time “писАть” means to write. As you can see, the spelling is exactly the same and there is no difference in writing, the only difference is in pronunciation, in stress.

If somebody knows the online dictionary which shows where the proper stress is, please let us know, we will really appreciate it.

Thanks for the information Anna. I use the dictionary “English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary” by Kenneth Katzner. It was $24 from amazon and is proving useful so far. I don’t know of any online either.