Stress and grammar in Russian

Just writing to say thank you for the great site - text and audio is a winning combo for me and I’m now on a subscription membership. I’m learning Russian and I would love to see increased functionality in the following areas

  • stress marks (ударение). Ok I know we have audio to hear the correct stress. But I would LOVE for the stress marks to be included on words for when I’m practising reading myself

  • a way of automatically giving the nominative singular of nouns and the masculine nominative singular of adjectives when you add a word to your LingQ list. Also similarly with verbs - giving the infinitive would be really useful

I’m sure I saw some software on the net that can do this kind of stuff (stress marks and grammar analysis) automatically -
I’ve never used it, but don’t suppose there is any chance of teaming up with them???

  • I’m a major Anki addict - integration with Anki would be an absolute winner

Anyway, thanks again.

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I’ve seen this website(www. It’s good, but it’s free only for 7 day trial, then you have to pay.
I make the most of the Russian podcasts at Lingq.
I don’t have an opportunity to make the stress on every word, but I try to read slowly and clearly.(And I make the stress in tthe most difficult cases)
And if you just follow me repeating the words and phrases, you gradually will pronounce the Russian words correctly.
In my courses I give also step by step the initial forms of all irregular verbs and also their conjugation.
I’m not sure in the technical possibility to give all intial forms in Lingq. I myself would like to have some of them in French and Spanish.
If you are the beginner, you can try my courses:
1.РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ (Russian from zero)
2.ПЕРВЫЕ ШАГИ (First steps)
You can also find in the library of Lingq my podcasts for Low intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Good luck with Russian!

Thank you for your reply! I have seen some of your texts and they are excellent!

Personally I don’t like stress marks when I read beginners Russian material. I don’t want things to be written any different to how they would be written in the real language. That is just my preference though.

You can export vocabulary from here and import it into Anki.

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I agree with Colin. When I was using the older version of Teach Yourself Russian, I was getting very confused with the stress marks, and knew if I just listened to the language being spoken, I would learn the stresses by myself. However, to each is his own, if you’d like stress marks, that is good too.

I would have thought that stress marks were universally embraced by Russian learners: it’s always interesting and surprising to learn about learning preferences. It’s very easy for me assume that everyone likes to learn like I do even though deep down I know it can’t be true. Good luck to everyone however you like to learn!

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And the same to you!