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Is the song about homelessness?

Ralph McTell - YouTube

Yes, it is in a way. It is asking us whether our life is really that bad in comparison to that of some others, ie the homeless people in London. (At least, that’s what I remember from the song - I haven’t listened to it for simply ages.)

Is it a love song in a way?

I wouldn’t say it’s a love song, but it is sung as if he were addressing someone he finds sympathetic, he sounds quite patient with the person complaining about his/her life.

The worst song-video ever made:

Is that the official video? How popular is that guy in Germany?

I think he is (was?) quite popular with German ladies of a certain age…

Poor old Roger - er ist so schlecht, dass er (fast) wider gut ist…!

I’m in Germany at the moment so can’t see who JayB’s video is about - something about containing SMEs - though ‘Roger’ may be a bit of a giveaway… If you are talking about Roger W, then it is true that he was very popular in Germany long after the Brits forgot all about him, apart from his cardies. (I hasten to add that my daughter was very little still when she had a crush on him - 7 years old(?))

Yes, Roger Whittaker - Ein bisschen Aroma. I think that’s spelt correctly.

BTW Is Youtube really censored in Germany!? Why?? :-0

Well, I went back onto the link. This is the message I get: “This video contains content from SME. It is not available in your country. Sorry about that.”

Don’t ask me why the Germans do things like that (I suspect it is for copyright reasons), I live in the UK and know nothing…

I got so curious that I looked for Roger Whittaker stuff on YouTube and found the Aroma song, totally unblocked. I wish it had remained impossible for me to play the video. It is getting late, I may have nightmares now.

@JayB: A lot of the BBC Content is not available from Germany, too. It is for copyright Issues, not for censor.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I just know that at 3.00am I’m going to wake up in a cold sweat with Roger’s jaunty super-cheesy singing in my ears: “eiiiiiin bisschen aroma…eiiiiin bisschen chi-chi…”

Arrgh!! Nooo!!! Stop!!! :-0


Well, yes, I kind of figured it would be due to copyright issues - but it’s still kind of crazy to ban stuff like this.

In my opinion the copyright laws (which were mostly designed with a view to book publishing in the 1900s) badly need to be reformed for the new digital age!

Or was it Val Doonigan with the cardies? You have me worried now.

I don’t know - but cardies and Roger W do tend to ring very true indeed…!