Streaming Service Question

Can anyone recommend a US based streaming service that does subtitles as well as Netflix (and YouTube)?

I’m not a big subscriber but I know Amazon Prime doesn’t have much of anything besides English and wondered if some of the others were worth trying.

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I’m not aware of anything personally in the U.S. Netflix is still the best bet. Amazon Prime is pretty bad for anything foreign with foreign subtitles (at least for German).

Have you looked into programming–channels/streaming services in the country your interested in? With a VPN you can access these. Germany has a lot of options, but not sure about your target country/language.

Looking at what you’ve been studying, Spanish and French? Perhaps someone has some ideas there.

Language with reactor might be an option if you know how to use ‘export option’. You can save translation in bilingual mode. There is a setting button on top right corner here you can choose your target languages. English-French or English-Spanish. And with print button with right click you can save it as a pdf. Later you can convert it into mobi with caliber software or other converter and read it on your kindle. And, you do not have to be a subscriber for it. Attaching below a sample of subtitle of a youtube video in English-French.

I just wanted to swing back and Thank you both for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.

And FWIW - I’ve found subtitles for a fair number of amazon shows on The subtitles are user provided so the quality varies but it might be worth a shot.