"Streamer situation" meaning

Hi everyone!
Does anybody know the meaning of the expression “streamer situation”? And what does it refer to?

Surprisingly, Google doesn’t have any answer. So if you have one, it would be the first answer about this expression on the Web, if you like this sort of achivements :slight_smile:

Hi, S.I.!

Depending on the context, it seems to refer to

  1. online gaming
    Reddit - Dive into anything

  2. fishing:

  3. digital audio
    Digital audio streaming 101 | Darko.Audio

Deepl refers to "(air) flow / flow conditions, too.

But don’t thank me, thank the AIs,
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Thank both you and the AIs for the response :slight_smile: But I still don’t get it.

Regarding contexts, aside the straight “streaming media” meaning, I’ve found with google different examples, implying that “streamer situations” are kind of situations nobody wants to get in. American Football, Lasers, Fishing, Disasters and on and on.

But why the “streamer”?

The first time I came across this expression was while watching the MILO MURPHY’S LAW show on Youtube
“I’m trying to figure out the streamer situation, but I guess it doesn’t matter”

Google results:

  1. Hurricane Matthew Closes WDW - Reopens Saturday, October 8th | Page 141 | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums - DISboards.com
    " Glad that everyone was safe, this is an streamer situation and I have been through a lot of those illnesses, living in New York for 9/11."

  2. " I think I will be playing Herod, Thalnos, or Faerlina in any event, but trying to avoid the streamer situation if at all possible. From what I’ve heard…"

  3. "That’s still a streamer situation if the water is cold; no insects are out; and no trout rise, feed visibly in the middepths, or take nymphs with winks . "

Interesting. Maybe it refers to something like “streamer discharge”

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The context helped with Milo Murphy’s Law transcript. I believe it’s referring to party streamers (i.e. decorations):


The context around it is talking about balloons and color coordination:

I’m trying to figure out
the streamer situation,

but I guess it doesn’t matter

if there’s really
a cohesive color scheme,

and the balloons I’m ordering are
all different sizes and shapes,

BTW…this as an example…in many cases it is very helpful to look up the associated picture of a noun using images.google.com. Often that can provide the missing meaning, or at the very least give a better idea of what is being talked about. I use this in my German studies all the time.


Thank you, it’s a good idea with google.images! This way I just learned about “road streamers” and “pole streamers” :slight_smile:
And I’m sure now that ‘decorations’ is a precise meaning in that context. But after some research through other examples, I still have an impression that it could be intentional wordplay. Because sometimes you can see “a streamer situation” without any context.

I’m not so sure…if you’re referring to the various other things that popup if you google “streamer situation”. I, for example, had no idea what “streamer situation” was until googling a little, but it wasn’t until you showed the transcript what it was referring to in this case. The other uses are imo not well known or used by everyday people so I’m not sure how much wordplay is going on (again depending on what you’re meaning).

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It seems that I was confused by the google results. You are definitely right that it’s a not well known expression. Anyway, it was an interesting though a bit exhausting adventure :slight_smile:
Thank you

Haha. Sometimes figuring out the meaning of something is an extremely exhausting adventure. I had one word in a book that I couldn’t find anywhere in a google search. My gf and family are German…I asked them. They had no idea. Since the book took place in Northern Germany I gave them that clue and showed them the sentence. Still no idea. My gf wrote the author on facebook =D. He finally replied after a few weeks.

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It seems that something is connected with scandals

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I use this in my German studies all the time. https://omegle-online.com

Honestly speaking, this has been a really interesting thread. i have never heard of the said phrase before. I think that’s pretty catchy. me too, if I have heard it for the first time, then I would really be confused. It was pretty interesting to watch Milo Murphy’s Law… but I am afraid I haven’t watched that episode where that was said.