Streak/Stats Disappeared from Ling5.0 mainpage- Is it Just Me?

Congrats on the Lingq 5.0 launch! I’ve just downloaded the new version and, strangely, can no longer see streak and stat info on the mainpage. I can only see this info when accessing my profile through the forums.

Am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve attached a snapshot of my mainpage view below. Note the streak/stat info is missing.

i can’t see it either, perhaps they removed it?

Thanks for reporting the problem, guys! The streak info is still in the same location, but at the moment Lifetime subscribers can’t see it. We will push a fix for that.

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Thanks Zoran. Also I’m sure you are already aware but it’s prompting me to go premium even though I have a life time account for Japanese.

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Yeah, you can just ignore that for now. Premium and Lifetime are two different subscription levels so even Lifetime subscribers see “Upgrade to Premium” popup. We will look into it and hide it from Lifetime subscribers.

@Brad, thanks for sharing your experience. I too have a lifetime membership (Portuguese). Best of luck in your studies!

@Zoran, thanks for the clarification. I’ll be on the lookout for that update.

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