Streak Repair Error

I got interrupted and missed a day on my hundred-something day Arabic streak. I went to repair and it said I needed some more coins before I could repair it, so I did some work to earn the coins I thought I needed, but once I hit my daily goal it started a new 1-day streak and the “repair streak” button vanished. Is there a way I can fix it?

Your Arabic streak is active, everything seems fine. :slight_smile:

Same problem here with Spanish, I broke a streak last Friday. Lingq told me I need 5000 coins for a streak repair. I acquired more than 5000 coins and Lingq is still showing that I missed Friday.

I fixed your Spanish streak.

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I posted about this in another thread recently:

Hope at some point this behavior can be improved, and it seems the team is already considering doing so, which I appreciate :slight_smile:

Hi @zoran, I lost my 78 days streak. Can you fix it manually? Thanks!

@deryakosnek Sure, fixed!

I lost my streak due to my internet connection not working. Could it be manually fixed? Thanks

@Planetoidpluto Sure thing, it’s fixed now.

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