Streak Repair Button is Still Missing


The button still seems to be missing for me on the site.
The link the email did not work either.
Can you please fix my streak?

I have the same issue and I don’t know how it happened. I hit the goals every day and now I lost it somehow and can’t repair it.

I fixed your streak @faisal_trois . We will investigate the button issue.

The same problem, needed to fix my streak

@mostafa19 Sure thing, fixed!

@zoran fix my streak too. I think it was broken due to time zone issues. I performed daily goal at 1am in +4 time zone and app put in on Tuesday instead of Monday. All the time before I had time until 4am.And no ability to repair it

@Alu_V Sure, it’s fixed now.

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Could you fix my Latin streak as well? I had the same issue with the time zones.

@johnnyholland Of course, I took care of it.

Same here. Can’t repair my streak.

Repair my streak plz

No problem, it’s fixed now.