Streak Question

Hi all,

Has anyone else had their streak “broke” even though they completed the prior’s day requirements? I just had my 101 day streak snapped and found it odd. What tipped me off was in the evening, I got an email “don’t lose your 101 day streak” I said I’m not sure why/how, when I’ve already done my daily lingQ’s. I even logged into the app before bed to make sure that I had in fact enough coins to achieve my streak. Photo for reference.

lingq STreak

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I had two of my streaks break on the same day a month or two ago when I took a trip to Canada from the US. The weird thing is that my trip was within the same time zone. I had enough coins to fix one of the streaks myself, but the other one I had to ask the mods to fix.

It’s really annoying.


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Ahh – yeah, I’m hoping one of the mods can help in this situation. I was at home doing my regular thing yesterday. Again, what tipped me off was the email, saying DON’T LOSE YOUR STREAK? I said huh? I’ve already hit my coins for the day? Threw another screen shot of the email for reference.

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Crazy huh?

I did note yesterday there were some cloudflare issues when I was logging on, on desktop and figured they had some server issues. Maybe something was up?


Yeah, it’s probably a server thing… yes, would be nice if a mod could fix it :confused:

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All your streaks should be fixed now, and we are also working on the issue. Thanks everyone for reporting and sorry about any inconvenience.

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