Streak Lost

My Streak in Russian keeps going from nothing back to what it should be each day x10 or x 12. Not sure what is happening since I have been doing more than what my streak requires each day.

Is this a consistant issue?

What is your daily goal set to? Do you have the correct time zone selected on your profile?

It is set to 100 coins. I typically triple that though. Yes, everything is correct. When I hit my 10 day streak instead of going from 9 to 10 it went to 0 again and started me over.

Did you maybe change your daily goal? Please note that changing goal will reset your streak.

No, I have not done anything to change my profile at all since starting the streak. It just disapeared.

At this point, this has happened too many times for me to even care about a streak since it just disapears anyways. I will not even worry about coins or streaks anymore. This has happened three times now.

Thanks, we will look into it.