Streak got shortened?

This morning my streak was at 48 days and when I came back later today my streak shortened to 26 days. Has this happened to anyone else?/Is there a way to fix it? I know that in the scheme of things it’s not that important but it does seem kind of weird.

That’s very strange. I’ll report it to our team, we will make sure to have it fixed.

Thank you so much! It’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

I know you say it was fixed, but I noticed you are working on two languages at the same time. Could it be that you were looking at the “other” language’s streak? I believe two different streaks are maintained. Maybe it was “fixed” when you went back to the “first” langugage?

Nope, my Korean streak was the only one that got changed, and my French streak is shorter than the length the Korean one appeared as yesterday anyway. I saw in a different thread that other people have experienced this issue as well and I’m not sure what the actual resolution is.

I see the other thread now! Hope it all gets resolved for you guys. I haven’t checked mine, but seems to be intact so far. Wonder what is triggering it.

The same thing happened for me, i already emailed the support

@piedie Your streak has been fixed. :slight_smile:

the same thing happened to me. i was at 30 odd days…

You did not create enough LingQs on Jun 24, that is why your streak was broken. You can repair it for 5000 coins

Hi Zoran, Today I realized my Portuguese streak is 1!! Although I never lost a day! Can you please check it for me?

I fixed your Portuguese streak.