Streak counter suggestion

Sorry for the long post. TL,DR: The streak counter should be based on meeting any one (or maybe two) of the suggested parameters instead of just creating 13 new LingQs each day. For example, if you don’t create 13 new LingQs but you listened and spoke for more than the recommended time for your level, your streak is maintained.

As the streak counter works now, you only get “credit” for the day if you create 13 new LingQs and this makes sense as the whole point and philosophy of the site is to keep learning new words every day. I think it would be better if the streak counter were a little more rounded though.

For example, sometimes I do not have time to read enough to create 13 new LingQs. However, I might speak on Skype for an hour and log this time on LingQ. But the website doesn’t count this as practicing the language so I lose my streak. Or I might be busy working so I won’t have time to read but I will listen to my target language for 5+ hours in a day. Even though I use the LingQ playlist or otherwise log this listening time on LingQ, all that speaking and listening practice doesn’t seem to matter for LingQ’s streak counter. In short, LingQ doesn’t really allow for variety in one’s language learning routine.

My suggestion is that the streak counter be based on a more rounded approach to language learning that allows for a day off from creating LingQs to focus on listening, speaking, and writing. Or on rereading some old texts and perhaps racking up a good score in “words read” or “LingQs learned”. Right now the Activity tracker has seven parameters (Known Words, LingQs, LingQs Learned, Hours of Listening, Words of Reading, Words of Writing, and Hours of Speaking). I think it would be great to emphasize all of these by making the daily streak based on meeting any of the objectives or (in my opinion even better), on meeting any two of the objectives. So you need to create 13 new LingQs and read a certain number of words. Or you could listen a certain number of hours and write a certain number of words. Any of these scenarios could help you maintain your streak.

(Of course, your “level” would still be based on the number of words known.)

I hope people like the suggestion or have helpful explanations for why they don’t like the suggestion or don’t think it is feasible.

Thank you for reading my novel of a post!


Very good! I like this suggestion.


An interesting suggestion and one that might be more fair in a way since you are rewarded for all your language learning activity. On the other hand, the beauty of the current system is its simplicity and the fact that it is clear to track and for users to understand. The fact is that 13 LingQs are not hard to create no matter your level. You can create word and phrase LingQs and it does drive you to spend time in your lessons using our core functionality. I would say this isn’t something we are likely to do but is interesting and gives us something to think about as we continue to try to improve LingQ. Thanks for the feedback!


I think lingqs are the easiest to create and track for this sort of thing. But if I was to do a review day where I only read stuff I have gone over before and push lingqs to known words… it would be nice if this counted towards the streak. But really, on the whole it doesn’t matter.

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I don’t care anymore since my streak vanished without any reason.

That’s strange. Could you have been working offline on mobile when you completed your daily targets and then synced the next day when you were next online? We have had that problem reported by others. Or, is your time zone set incorrectly on your Settings > Profile page?