Streak & Coins

Is there any way to purchase more coins to repair my streak?

You might be able to go back and log in time that you read outside of Lingq. I have been wondering the same. I know the day will come that I will not be on and I will lose my streak.

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No, at the moment it’s not possible to purchase coins.

Oh it will. Making LingQs and coins are the only things that can contribute to your streak (or the in case of coins, repair it).

I do think it’s a little silly that I can watch three Neflix shows in Spanish, rack up two hours per day of Spanish, manually add the time to my stats, yet still lose the streak.

I agree but some people who just buy the coins and miss using the program. I think the coins are truly just for use.

Case in point: I just used mine to repair my 17 day streek because it was after midnight. :slight_smile:

I have learned to care less and less about the streak after losing it so many tmes… No if it grows, fine,. If I lose it, fine. As long as I continue to do the work. I don’t need another thing to stress out over.