Streak Bug?

My Monday activity doubled down on my Sunday session. I saw what was happening,
and I tried to log in and back out again to reboot, but LingQ kept adding to the previous day. I did the work anyway because that’s what it’s all about, but I’m still a bit bummed out. I’m doing my Tuesday session now, and I can see the software recorded my Monday activity shy of complete, but LingQ wasn’t giving me the real-time data yesterday. Why did that happen?

Wait a sec! I’m in the Philippines. I bet it was still Sunday in the U.S. even tho it was Monday here. Maybe? Dunno? But it still shows activity for Monday? Unless the date line rolled while I was doing the session?

Do you have a correct time zone selected on your profile?

Right! Prolly not, I’ll have a look…

Yep Zoran, I was on Eastern Standard Time, Thanks for pointing that out to me. I appreciate it.

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